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Payroll Outsourcing Services In Singapore

Payroll outsourcing services in Singapore

Payroll is directly associated with employee compensation. If the system you use to process your payroll has a weakness, it could affect paycheck accuracy. Payroll involves more than simply compensating your employees for time worked, and inaccuracy may lead to consequences other than paycheck errors.

Correct payroll processing saves precious time and resources for the organisation. It eliminates the need to cancel payments, recalculate and issue manual replacement cheques. The payroll department builds trust in its processes, reducing the incidence of employee complaints and grievances. It also can spare the company from legal cases and penalties in case of incorrect remittances for taxes and other payment to third parties.

AccTrust Advisory’s promise toward service excellence ensures that employees will receive their remuneration and payslips in a timely manner. Rather than creating additional tasks for yourself, why not choose outsourcing? Our organisation ensures that worrying about CPF and foreign worker levy payments will be a thing of the past.

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