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Outsource Your Bookkeeping

Outsource your bookkeeping

Rather than focus on balancing your corporate accounts, why not focus on building your business? Don’t step over dollars just to pick up dimes! Unless you can do a better job than most bookkeeping specialists around, spend the effort elsewhere! For a nominal fee, our dedicated in-house accounting specialists will ensure your books are in proper order.

Need further convincing? An outsourced accountant offers plenty of tangible and intangible benefits. Cost-wise, the fees we charge are significantly less than hiring staff to close your books monthly. In Singapore, gross salaries aren’t the only costs that businesses have to factor in. Hiring a member of staff tends to incur various other overheads such as leave (loss of work days), Employer CPF contributions, employee benefits, and even a range of variable wage components such as Bonuses and AWS.

What about intangibles then? Would constantly retraining a new employee to replace the last one be worth the time and effort? How about the time costs involved in balancing your own books? Are these justifiable? For growing business owners, time becomes a precious commodity. How about using what little time you have left to spend with your loved ones instead?

AccTrust Advisory helps to mitigate all these by offering you a contract for services, and not have to settle for a contract of services. One flat rate, no questions asked. Contact us today!

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