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Human Resource

Singapore is a land of opportunities. Out here you’ll find adequate manpower, high quality human resource and a favourable environment to grow and prosper. Here you do not have to worry about unnecessary hurdles as Government policies are quite transparent. But there are rules that must be followed. And that’s where we come in.

At AccTrust Recruitment Pte. Ltd., we provide corporate consultancy. We will help you with all the compliances that ACRA and other departments want you to follow. We will take care of all your secretarial needs and that too at a reasonable price. With us you do not need to worry about quality as we are experts with years of experience in the field. We understand the working of the Government and its requirements. Be it getting licenses or representing clients in a corporate lawsuit, we do everything. AccTrust is a one stop solution to all your business related needs.

Human Resource Consultancy

At AccTrust Recruitment, we believe in everyone’s growth. We like collective growth and ensure that everyone prospers. For an organization human resource is its most important resource which must be used in an adequate manner else it won’t reap the profits you desire. Also, not many entrepreneurs know the optimum utilization of human resource. Either they are under-staffed or appoint more employees than they actually need. They also have troubles with fixing salaries and often end up under-paying them for their hard work. If your human resource won’t be satisfied, your business will suffer.

But with us on your side you do not need to worry about that. We will provide you the perfect formula with which you will be able to use your manpower for your benefit. You will be able to utilize them indigenously and earn high profits. We will also help you out with salary packages so you don’t end up paying less or burdening yourself with higher salaries.

Our HR consultancy also involves job profiling. As per your goals and targets we will tell you the best possible structure for you so you employ only adequate number of employees. We will also help you with placements, both local and international. We will find the best of employees for your organization who’ll assist you in your growth.

Maintain employee records

Many a times outsourcing a part of organization helps as the cost of maintenance reduces substantially and the work gets done in a better manner. One of them is maintenance of employee records. In large organizations it is difficult to manage employee records. The companies outsource their HR department and ask firms like ours to maintain it for them.

At AccTrust, we provide all HR related services. We have the means to maintain employee records and keep them updated. Our HR services also include payroll calculation wherein we’ll give you the accurately calculated salary to be paid to employees at month end.

Singapore Permanent Residence (SPR) and Singapore Citizen (SC) application

Singapore is a land of growth and prosperity. People from all over the world come here to work. They want to live here and get settled down. Many a times people do not feel like leaving their job for they are satisfied with whatever they are earning and wish to find permanent settlement in the country itself. But the problem of nationality comes in. it is not easy to change it. But they can still get settled if they apply for permanent residency.

This is the most preferred option even though the immigration policy of the country has changed. Singapore believes in bringing in foreign talent and has thus kept the residency option opened. Permanent residency has quite a few benefits, viz. you can roam around the country freely without worrying about frequent checks, you can get yourself checked in government subsidized clinics at a lesser expense, you get to pay less school fees, can buy residence under public housing scheme, avail benefits under Central Provident Fund, that is, Singapore’s social security system and many more. You will be able to get more employment options which as a foreigner you won’t. You will be able to travel on Singapore passport and will be subject to less paperwork by authorities.

Global Investor Program is an initiative started by Contact Singapore that gives permanent residency to serious foreign investors who can support investments or businesses by investing S$2.5 million or more for at least a period of 5 years. This is a way through which it welcomes potential foreign investors and their investment.

At AccTrust Recruitment Pte. Ltd., you can rely on us for prompt and accurate solutions. For all the HR related and consultancy services give us a call at +65 6635 2171. You can also reach us at

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