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Business Support Services

Business is not merely a transaction of goods and services for money or some other consideration. It is a highly organized cluster of activities that complement each other and operate in unison. Business cannot be run in solitude. It requires support from micro and macro environments. While running a business various aspects must be considered.

For example, if you have, say 10 employees and you want to pay their salary. You cannot simply hand it over to them. You’ll have to calculate it, add allowances, deduct necessary taxes, advances given, if any and cost of perquisites etc. and then pay them by cheque or direct transfer to bank account. There are way too many procedures to be followed for even a simple task as salary payment.

To do that, businesses often need support services. For instance, use of an enterprise resource program software. It is installed as a support system to help in payroll management, human resource management, taxation, calculation of other statutory liabilities, supply chain management, logistics management etc. Business houses need such support services because not everything can be done in-house. For instance, it is commonly seen that businesses outsource their customer care departments to service organizations.


Corporate Consultancy  Services in Singapore

At AccTrust Advisory, we provide quality support services at a reasonable price. When it comes to corporate solutions you can find every one of them under our roof. We have years of experience in the trade and can provide you services of the highest standards. You can rely on us for utmost discretion and 100% client satisfaction. We also provide corporate consultancy and will be able to benefit your company. Our services include accounting, maintaining tax records, payroll management, bookkeeping services, office management and other administrative tasks. Hire us to get expert administrative support.

Accounting services

Accounting as we know is an integral part of a business entity without which no business can run and survive. However, many a times entrepreneurs do not take proper care of their books of accounts. They neither understand the way they should maintain their accounts nor keep documents organized. They are so engrossed in their business that they end up neglecting it, which doesn’t go well with Authorities. Sometimes the work load is so much that organizations prefer outsourcing it. That’s where we come in. At AccTrust, we provide quality accounting services as per industry standards and rules. We provide utmost discretion and none of your data will be shared with anyone.

We also provide debtor or creditor management services. If you have a large number of creditors or debtors, contact us and we’ll keep an updated and thorough record for you. Our system will automatically inform you whenever they are due. Our perfect system will intimate the debtors as well and you’ll be able to receive payments on time.

Valuation services

At AccTrust we provide valuation services for assets and liabilities. The statutes and accounting standards ask us to record assets at historical value wherein their present market value is way higher. We will value the assets and liabilities for you and tell you their present market value. It will help you lure investors and strengthen your balance sheet and financial position.

Secondly, while purchasing an asset we at times aren’t sure about its exact value and end up paying an inadequate price. You can hire us to find out the correct value of the asset along with the return it will give you in the future. We understand economic market and keep an eye on government policies and will be able to give you a rough idea about your assets.

Design internal control system

An organization as a whole must work efficiently to grow and prosper. Whether an organization performs well or not is determined by the internal control system of an organization. A company can prosper if its internal control system works efficiently and as per the rules set by the management. Internal control determines the operating effectiveness of an organization. It ensures that a proper chain of command is followed and work is designated among employees as per their skills.

Internal control plays a pivotal role in setting up the cultural and work environment in an organization. It ensures that resources are utilized optimally and there is no wastage. Reliability on financial data of an organization depends upon the internal control system it has and how effective it is. An efficient and effective internal control system reduces risks of frauds and errors. It increases company’s financial status and lends credibility to its financial statements. It improves performance and increases profit ratio. An organization must have a sound internal control system.

At AccTrust Advisory we provide similar Business consultancy Services and support services to ensure that our clients perform well. We are a service organization dedicated to our clients and work for their success and prosperity. To avail our prestigious services give us a call at +65 6635 2171. You can also mail us at and schedule a meeting. Visit us today to get prompt business support services.


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